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This refill option is only available for tree wood bowl candles that were originally purchased through us. We are unable to fill wood bowls purchased elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding. 


You don't have to clean the bowl or adhere new wicks yourself, we do all of that for you!


How it works:


1. Determine which options applies to you:


  • NEED BOX - This is for those who no longer have the box it was originally shipped in.
  • NEED LABEL - This is for those who kept their original box.


**Please note: If after purchase it is determined that the wrong selection was picked, we will need to amend the selection or cancel the order. If you have questions, please ask us before placing your order.


2. Add the appropriate refill option and scent selection to your cart, then pay for your refill.


2. We process your order, whether it's shipping you a box or emailing you a mailing label.


3. Simply put your used tree wood bowl candle in the box, using the packing materials it came with for cushion or packing materials you have around, then tape the box shut, affix the label, and leave it in your mailbox for the USPS Mail Carrier to pick up or drop it off at your nearest Post Office.


4. Once it has been sent to us, you'll have your wood bowl candle back within 2 weeks with the scent you've chosen.


5. Unpack and enjoy! Repeat when necessary. 

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Tree Wood Bowl Candle Refill

  • All sales are final, we do not offer refunds or accept returns. However, should there be any issue please contact us. 

  • Items are hand-packed and shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Under $35? $9.00 Shipping with USPS Priority

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