Dough Bowl Candles - FAQs

Updated: Feb 13

A silver lining from Covid-19 has been the gift of time to read up on and test various candle trends. Dough bowls were one of the biggest trends to research and test. I'm happy to share we had great success!

In honor of launching them this past week (Spring 2020) on the website, I decided to dedicate a blog post about these beautiful candle vessels. Here are some FAQs about our hand carved mango wood dough bowl candles and we hope these clear up a lot of confusion or concern around them.

How safe are these?

We believe they are safe to burn as long as the person burning it is aware of and follows the federal warnings and burning instructions. (Those are listed in the next question.) One thing to note about all candles is that the wax in a candle melts from the heat of the wick burning. The wick is only in contact with the wax and the holder that secures the wick in place, so the actual flame does not come in contact with the container. All of our dough bowl candles come with a care card with specifics to ensure you or the recipient of your gift has the most enjoyable experience.

Do I need to do anything different to burn this candle?

No, you do not. We will always recommend that you abide by the federal warnings/burning instructions that are listed on the sticker that is attached to each and every one of our candles and the guidance in our care cards. Here's a recap of the federal warning/burning instructions:

  • Burn within sight. (Do not light and walk away, be in the same room while lit.)

  • Keep away from flammable objects.