French Provincial Makeover!

French Provincial furniture is a beautiful style and we found this Buffet in beautiful condition with four layers of paint but it was no match for our tools and determination! Join us as we take you through our makeover journey. Let's jump in with some "Before" photos!

Inspection: If you look closely you'll see the top left drawer is missing a piece of trim. (The trim on the right side.) We'll show you how we fix that.

More inspection: Overall great shape. No weird smells, or serious structural damage, everything was a cosmetic upgrade.

The most recent color of black appeared to be spray painted on, like with a rattle can of paint. You'll see how we came to that conclusion in the the photo below.

Stripping and Sanding: Now let's share some sanding photos, this was definitely a project that needed a lot of stripping and sanding. But, thanks to my SurfPrep sander I was able to make 'quick work' out of sanding. And by 'quick work' I mean, not having to slather this entire buffet with stripping chemicals, wrapping it all in plastic and waiting 24 hours to then scrape off, and scrub with mineral spirits. Would you believe it if I told you that with my SurfPrep sander, the top took about 18 minutes to clear off? The best parts? No mess, no dust, no swirl marks AND I can sand over all of the details without the sander flattening it. It's all true. I waited years to get this sander and I love it! (And no I'm not sponsored by them, I just love it!)

After all was said and done, I counted 4 different colors of paint on this buffet!!