Strip Painted Surfaces with Ease

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

If you want your paint stripping project to look anything list this (see video below), read on to get a supply list and follow three simple instructions. Stripping furniture, or in this case a stairway banister, just became less stressful and less work!

**Having a furniture refinishing business, I follow these instructions to get the job done quickly and efficiently. My cousin recently asked how she could properly strip the paint off of her stairway risers and banister. This blog post was created with her permission, I do not own her video or photos.**

Now, let's start with your supply list:

PPE - Gloves, Eye Protection, Respirator and Anything Else You May Want (If you can't strip your project outside, make sure you have plenty of windows open and fans for airflow.)

CitruStrip Gel

Chip Brush (Or any other brush you don't care about because you'll most likely throw this away once you're done.)

Saran Wrap/Plastic Wrap/Cling Wrap

Stripping Pads

Mineral Spirits

Plastic Putty Knife (or whichever you prefer to scrape stubborn paint)

Blue Shop Towels (general clean up)

Worth mentioning... I am not receiving any kind of compensation for these recommendations, and you'll notice I link the key products to Home Depot. These can be found at other home improvement stores.