After the wick burns out... 7 steps to cleaning candle jars

We get asked all of the time--should I recycle my old candle jars? Well, if you want to but here's a better idea... reuse them! Yeah, did you know you can reuse your candle jars?

Interested in cleaning them up for a new life? Read along to see what you need to clean, how to clean, and two different avenues we took with our scrubbed up candle jars.

Here's a list of everything you'll need and a photo to help.

Blue shop towels--these are the best when working with soy wax.

Needle nose pliers-- to grab the base of the wick.

Small saucepan-- with about an inch of water in the base.

Goo Gone-- to remove the sticker labels.

Isopropyl alcohol-- to remove the residual wax left behind after warming.

Trash can-- preferably nearby.

Grease fighting dish soap or a dishwasher-- for the final clean.

On we go!

First, ensure you have all of your supplies nearby to make for quick work.