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The Story of "Winter Moon"

From the age of 20-25 I (Amanda) lived in Bend, Oregon and it was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life! One of the many things Central Oregon is known for is its array of outdoor activities. I took up snow shoeing while living out there and one night I had the opportunity to join several friends and go moon lit snow shoeing. Picture this...

It's the end of January, late on a Saturday night, the air is crisp and cold, the sky is completely clear, and a full, bright moon is shining down. As we arrive to our hiking trail destination, turning off the headlights of the car, we don't need flash lights as the moon light is dancing around on the snow in the parking lot, in the trees, on the trails. Everything looks as though it's covered in sparkly diamonds. We suit up, and head out onto the trail.

As we hiked around with just the sparkling diamonds of snow illuminating our path, I recall taking a break and looking towards Mt. Bachelor only to see their snow machines tending to the ski and snowboard trails. Intrigued, I watched them for a bit and saw the glow of their head lights as they made their way down the mountain. Although I know I have pictures from that night, it was before I had an iPhone and so there are physical pictures somewhere but I've been unable to find them. For now I hope you see the why I designed the label the way I did with a water color Buck surrounded by moons and stars. To me, the watercolor Buck represents the night sky, the nature we hiked around in and the sky that was so breathtaking that night. The whole experience was magical and felt like I was on a movie set, but nope, just in my back yard!

"Winter Moon" captures the crisp, cool, and clean air that rushed through my nostrils as we hiked around that night. This fragrance is a delightful peppermint with subtle hints of dark chocolate and raspberry. You can find it in dough bowl, wood wick, enamelware, mason jar and melt form here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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