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The Story of "Vintage Christmas"

One of our four holiday fragrances named "Vintage Christmas" is not just popular during the holidays, we sell this scent year-round. We love that folks enjoy both the fragrance and story behind it. Owner/Designer Amanda had the best grandparents--on both sides! One particular set of Grandparent's lived on a 100+ acre working farm, in an 1860's farmhouse right here in Oregon. You could call these grandparents "Old School" as they worked their land, looked after farm animals, created beautiful gardens, maintained a fruit tree orchard, canned just about everything that could be preserved, quilted, cooked from scratch... you name it they did it and they happily included their 14 grandchildren in the experience at various times.

Pictured below are Amanda's Grandparent's on the front porch of their 1860's farmhouse during the holiday season of 2013.

Over the years, a tradition developed that every December 26th was "Christmas at the Farm" with the entire extended family. The moment you walked into Grandma and Grandpa's house, you were greeted by the fragrances of her own holiday candles burning, the scents of spices she was using in her cooking/baking, the warmth of the wood burning stoves, and the love of family who's smiles and hugs made you feel like you belonged.

Our "Vintage Christmas" candle encapsulates the aromas experienced and feelings felt every December 26th at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Throughout the years, the grandkids grew up and moved away to establish their own lives and create their own families. Several lived outside of the USA for periods of time and others lived from Alaska to Washington DC. As adults, no matter where we lived, we always came back together for "Christmas at the Farm" with Grandpa and Grandma on December 26th. That day turned into the most favorite day of the year for Amanda as she got to see her cousins, who--thanks to Grandma and Grandpa--became more like close friends over the years.

This photo was the last "Christmas at the Farm" with both Grandparents as they passed away months a part from one another in 2018. Those family members who can, still get together at the farm house every year around December 26th to honor of "Christmas at the Farm" and appreciate the Grandparents they were so blessed to have.

Amanda hopes this candle fragrance reminds you happy holiday memories or perhaps it can be part of making new holiday memories. Here at Phoenix Phurnishings, LLC, we wish you all our very best this holiday season!

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