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Our cracklin' wood wicks are HERE!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Order yours in any fragrance today! Find the fragrance you'd like, and select the "Ceramic with Wood Wick" option. Ready for the video? Sound on for an experience!

Aren't these candle vessels the cutest? They're handmade ceramic in a soft white exterior and a shimmery gold interior. They're perfect for the Fall and Holiday season. These wood wicks are an exciting, new (to us), and fun way to burn candles. There are a few things to know about wood wicks before burning them...

  1. Low Wick Height. When you get your wood wick candle, you'll see that the wick is cut quite low. That's intentional. When you’re ready to light, bring your match/stick-lighter close to one side of the wood wick, and down low--at the wax level. It’s okay to melt the wax, in fact, you need to. The wood wick needs to start absorbing the oil/wax to get a sustaining flame going. You may need to slowly work your way from one edge of the wood wick to the other. Once your first burn--that achieves a full melt pool (around 4 hours) is done--extinguish as normal.

  2. Trim the Wick. Before you burn the next time, break off all burnt/black wood pieces and repeat the process of lighting. (It’s easier the 2nd burn and burns thereafter.)

I have found these two tips have helped me avoid the ‘finickiness’ of the wood wicks. If you have any issues at all, message us here, on any of our social media platforms, or send Amanda an email at

Now, what fragrance are YOU getting your wood wick candle in? Visit our site to order.


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